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Free Webinar: EAL and Health

Looking for free CPD to help support your EAL pupils? Take a look at our EAL and Health Webinar!

Free Webinar: EAL and Health

Now is the time to ensure that health and well-being activities get the focus they deserve. So, are there any extra factors to consider when supporting pupils with English as an additional language?

See our EAL specialist Helen Shelton as she discusses:

  • Awareness of cultural differences in perceptions of health
  • Implications for teaching compulsory RSE and Health
  • Raising EAL pupils confidence and self-esteem by supporting EAL pupil voice

This was followed by a brief Q&A.

You can download the full recording of this webinar here.

You can access all the links mentioned by Helen in this talk here.


May 20, 2020


You can now download the full webinar from our website.