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Introducing FlashAcademy® has had a significant impact in the classroom, I would certainly recommend it to other schoolsClaire Evans - Deputy Headteacher, Anderton Park School

"FlashAcademy® EAL has resulted in over 50% of our pupils with EAL progressing by two proficiency grades during their 15 week induction – something that has never happened before at the school. It is having a tremendous impact for our pupils."
Hollie O’Sullivan - Lead Teacher for EAL, Great Barr Academy

"Enables children to become more independent and teachers to create more personalised paths for them."
Dr Neil Hopkin, Peters Hill Primary School

"I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy® to other schools. "
Dave Irish, Shireland Academy

"We would recommend any school with an EAL challenge to consider the platform for their pupils."
Mandy Finnegan - Education Advisor, Birmingham Virtual School

"Attainment for pupils with EAL has doubled since using the FlashAcademy® EAL resource – it has been remarkable. It helps that pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel really special."
Claire Evans - Deputy Headteacher, Anderton Park School

"If you’re a busy soul dying to brush up your language skills, then this is definitely the one for you!"
Holl in Wanderlust, Lifestyle blogger

"It takes the best features of Duolingo and makes them better"
Language Trainers, Language bloggers

"I would highly recommend using this app!"
Koko the Polyglot, YouTuber

"It's easy to use, the games are fun and the scan option is mind-blowing."
Five Star Review on the App Store

"It was amazing to see the response of even shy pupils to the native speaker videos; they see the mouth movements and instinctively copy them. It’s a fantastic resource to support pupils who are completely new to English and really accelerates their learning"
Olivia O’Connor - Inclusion Manager, Hillside Junior School