Ukrainian available as a home language on FlashAcademy®. Access FREE Ukrainian resources here.

Accelerate English Language Acquisition For New Arrivals

  • Support integration by building confidence
  • Include everyone with 48+ home languages
  • Start their learning straight away with remote access on any device

Support refugees and UASC to integrate faster by using FlashAcademy® to accelerate English language acquisition. 

Supporting Refugees

Support newly-arrived UASC and refugees in learning practical English to minimise pressure on local authorities, communities and the individuals themselves.

Community Integration

Build confidence in the English language to help vulnerable individuals integrate into your community.

Managed Services

Reduce staff workload by using FlashAcademy® as an extension of your team, helping you onboard learners and automatically monitor their progress.

Creating Opportunities

Unlock the potential of every learner by giving them the confidence and language skills they need to flourish.

Local Authorities FlashAcademy® Have Supported Include

Digital Assessment

Support newly arrived UASC and refugees with tailored lessons after a quick language assessment.

Learning Platform

Accelerate progress in English with our EAL and ESOL learning platforms.


Easy access to data with your personalised dashboard.

How are FlashAcademy® Supporting Staffordshire County Council?

In July 2022 Staffordshire County Council approached FlashAcademy® to support Ukrainian Refugees via the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Together we created a solution to support Ukrainian refugees of all ages in learning English with our EAL and ESOL platforms.

Viktoria, who came to the UK from Ukraine in May 2022, joined FlashAcademy® and began helping the council onboard Ukrainians living in Staffordshire.

Support pupils to learn English from 48+ Home Languages

See what’s inside

Here’s a sneak peek of how FlashAcademy® engages learners through interaction, whatever their proficiency level.
Digital Proficiency Assessment
Track progress and automatically adapt learning around the individual
Digital Proficiency Assessment
Track progress and automatically adapt learning around the individual
  • Easily conduct regular assessments and identify areas for development 
  • Save time with the automarking feature 
  • Reduce admin by keeping all your data in one place
Digital Learning Platform
Get pupils excited about their future with interactive lessons designed to support EAL & ESOL pupils.
  • Include everyone with 35+ home languages
  • Use growing confidence in English to accelerate pupil progress 
  • Engage pupils with practical features like the Object Translator, handwriting practice and video pronunciation
Quick to set up and easy to use, your personalised central dashboard has everything you need in one place.
  • Quickly create customised lessons built on pupil data
  • Easily manage multiple students and evidence their progress
  • Access immediate support from our expert Education Success Team

Supporting your Success

Stay ahead of the game with ready made EAL & ESOL resources, CPD webinars, an online community of other users and your personal education success team member.

Meet your Education Success Team

Whether you want to access bespoke training, ask a question or simply have a chat, your dedicated point of contact is ready to support you every step of the way.

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