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UK’s No.1 EAL Learning & Assessment Platform For Virtual Schools

  • Build confidence with practical English skills
  • Start learning straight away with remote access on any device
  • Support a transition into school with content guided by the DfE curriculum

How does FlashAcademy® Support Virtual Schools?

FlashAcademy® supports virtual schools to welcome, engage and accelerate the English language proficiency of UASC

Support KS1-4

Support young people with tailored content designed around their individual needs.

Independent learning

UASC can use FlashAcademy® on any device, anywhere and anytime.

Support schools

Evidence learning outcomes and enable better planning for interventions.

Managed service

Get help managing pupils and staying on top of admin with a dedicated Education Success Manager.

Join the community of Virtual Schools using FlashAcademy®

Reduce staff workload Digital Proficiency Assessment

Easily conduct regular assessments and manage your data efficiently.

Engage every pupil EAL Learning for UASC

Build confidence and quickly develop key skills with interactive lessons designed to help with adapting to life in the UK.

Manage, monitor, evidence Teacher Dashboard

Spend less time on admin and more on teaching with your personalised tutor dashboard that has everything you need in one place.

Why Virtual Schools ❤️ FlashAcademy®

We have been able to give the young people access to a licence as soon as they arrive and they have been able to start their EAL learning from the moment they are placed in their home. This has given them the opportunity to practice some of the basic language skills and work with their carers to develop conversation and start to build on their confidence for starting in the education system.
Leanne Bishop, Senior Advocate & DSLO, The HOPE (Bristol) Virtual School

Why Virtual Schools ❤️ FlashAcademy®

OVER 45%

OVER 45%

of EAL pupils learning with FlashAcademy® progress by one or more proficiency grade over a 12 month period, compared with the national average of 18%.

How FlashAcademy® supports UASC and Virtual Schools

Support pupils to learn English from 48+ Home Languages

See what’s inside

Here’s a sneak peek of how FlashAcademy® engages learners through interaction, whatever their proficiency level.
Digital Proficiency Assessment
Track pupil progress and automatically adapt learning around the individual
Digital Proficiency Assessment
Track pupil progress and automatically adapt learning around the individual
  • Easily conduct regular assessments and identify areas for development
  • Save time with the automarking feature 
  • Reduce admin by keeping all your data in one place
UASC EAL learning
Build confidence with interactive lessons designed to support the whole curriculum.
  • Include everyone with 48+ home languages
  • Use growing confidence in English to support the DfE curriculum
  • Engage pupils with dynamic lessons broken down into manageable chunks
Teacher Dashboard
Quick to set up and easy to use, your personalised central dashboard has everything your trust needs in one place.
  • Quickly create customised lessons built on pupil data
  • Easily manage multiple students and evidence their progress
  • Access immediate support from our help centre

Supporting your Success

Stay ahead of the game with ready made EAL resources, CPD webinars, an online community of other users and your personal education success team member.

Meet your Education Success Team

Whether you want to access bespoke training, ask a question or simply have a chat, your dedicated point of contact is ready to support you every step of the way.

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