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Over 60% of Pupils at This Schools Have Progressed by at Least One Proficiency Grade Over 12 Months

Anderton Park Primary is a very ambitious and positive school, surrounded by a fantastic community. Everyone is committed to providing an outstanding education for pupils at the school and the entire community is incredibly passionate about the part they play in promoting equality and inclusion.

We asked Claire Evans (Deputy Headteacher) and her EAL team share their experience of using FlashAcademy® to make the language as accessible as possible for their newly arrived pupils.

It is without doubt that children who are new to English make rapid progress when using Flashacademy. Over 60% of our pupils with EAL progressed by at least one proficiency grade over 12 months [vs national average of 18%] – it is having a tremendous impact for our pupils.”

Claire Evans, Deputy Head, Anderton Park Primary School

How did you learn about FlashAcademy®?

“We had an initial taster session to assess how the app worked and what it could do. We were so impressed; we bought 100 licences to support those children who speak little or no English. As it is an interactive, fun app, children practise pronunciation and can play competitively against each other – they enjoy it so much, they forget they are learning!”

What do your staff think of the platform?

“We were open to adopting different teaching and learning styles – staff love being able to teach English in a different way, which is great for all types of learners.”

How do you incorporate FlashAcademy® in your classrooms?

“We know that those who learn English best are those who are fully immersed in the language and so we use FlashAcademy® alongside established classroom methods, including discussions and working in small groups. Our children get the best of both worlds! The fact that it can also be used at home with families is a huge plus factor, so the learning doesn’t stop at home time!”

Attainment for pupils with EAL has doubled since using the FlashAcademy® EAL resource – it has been remarkable. It helps that pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel really special

Claire Evans, Deputy Head, Anderton Park Primary School

Do pupils enjoy using FlashAcademy® to learn?

“We’ve been using it with pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 and they absolutely love it.

“We’ve also identified that it was an opportunity for newly arrived children to immediately feel valued as they are able to start learning as soon as they arrive from another country.

“Having their own app makes them feel special and they can also help their parents learn English at home.”

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