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The Launch of FlashAcademy® English!

With 14.9% of Adults in the UK lacking basic literacy skills and nearly  ½ of children leaving primary school are unable to read and write properly. The fight to tackle the growing literacy crisis in the UK has never been so important!

Learning Labs is pleased to announce the launch of FlashAcademy® English, an engaging way to close the literacy gap! FlashAcademy® English is a platform for schools which improves literacy outcomes, perfect for learners who are achieving below expectations in reading/writing for their age group. It helps schools to teach grammar, phonics, punctuation, spelling and curriculum aligned vocabulary in a way that is fun for pupils and reduces the workload for teachers.

With only 1/2 of children in the UK who enjoy reading and writing, the platform brings forward that element of gamification through the colourful icons, entertaining videos and timed games to test pupil’s retention skills while also bringing along that element of fun making literacy an enjoyable experience! Challenges can be set to test understanding and lessons can be revisited for revision.

The platform also has a live leaderboard, through which pupils can compare their scores. This sparks their competitive nature and keeps them engaged.

In addition, pupil’s progress can be tracked through the Teacher Dashboard which can measure impact and development as well as the ability to set homework on the platform. Thus, encouraging reward incentives as the dashboard can generate ready-made certificates.

FlashAcademy® English is currently available for all schools across the UK.

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