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BusinessLive Names Learning Labs as a British Tech Firm that is ‘Taking on the World’

In an article naming various tech companies across the country, Learning Labs has been named by BusinessLive as a British tech firm that is ‘taking on the world’. The article explains how the FlashSticks® recognition app works and its ability to scan objects in a generic sense and pick up on material and colour. Mentioning the Learning Labs’ portfolio expansion with the development of language learning application FlashAcademy®, the website describes Learning Labs as a British tech company that is pioneering new technologies.

FlashAcademy® is available to access on a smartphone, tablet and PC/laptop and accelerates English and foreign language acquisition through curriculum-mapped lessons, challenges and games which simultaneously teach and test pupils. Features include the object translator – this can translate any object into English just from a picture taken by the user, a real-time leader board where pupils compete for the top spot, an exciting range of word games to test pupils’ understanding, as well as the ability to learn English from 38 different home languages.

The article also briefly celebrates Learning Labs win in the Innovation in Education category at the West Midlands Tech Awards which is hosted by BusinessLive’s affiliate BirminghamLive.

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