We can help learning continue for all affected by Coronavirus school closures.

Learning Labs are members of the British Education Suppliers Association

Learning Labs are pleased to announce their membership of the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA).

With an 85-year heritage serving the UK Education Sector, BESA:

  • Represents over 300 educational suppliers in the UK, servicing 80% of the amount spent by UK schools on products and services
  • Has a Code of Practice to which all members must adhere, along with a stringent membership process, assuring schools of a high standard of quality
  • Is a Not-for-profit organisation, accountable to an Executive Council elected by member companies.

All the team are looking forward to working closely with BESA over the coming year and are proud to comply with BESAs code of practise. Being accepted as a member suggests a standard of quality in both product and customer service at Learning Labs.


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