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Summer resources pack

It is almost time for school to break up for the summer holidays! We want to help keep your students engaged on their EAL journeys over the holidays, so we’ve put together a FlashAcademy® summer pack. Expect to find fun and accessible resources, ready to share with your EAL students. You can print things off or share them digitally, it’s entirely up to you! 

Simply click the links below to open up our resources and get started on your summer EAL journey! 

Holiday, travelling and exploring! 

Help your students to improve their holiday and travel vocabulary and set them challenges using these useful resources. 

Remote learning 

Remote learning during the holidays can be a challenge. Our remote learning study skills pack will help students to develop essential skills such as time management, planning, research skills, and reflection. 

Wellbeing and free time activities 

While holidays bring lots of fun and excitement, they can also be a challenging time for people who miss their usual routines and structure. Here are some resources focused on maintaining positive health and wellbeing, along with some fun activities! 

Object translator: For independent learning from home, advise students, parents, or carers to utilise the Object Translator tool to learn new words, like ‘ball’ or ‘ice cream’.

FlashAcademy lessons: Encourage your students to log into FlashAcademy® and complete the ‘Fluency Boost 1’, ‘Fluency Boost 2’ and ‘Fluency Boost 3’ lessons from the beginner ‘Holiday & Travel category.

For access to all of our free resources, visit the help centre!