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New Digital Workplace English App Launched in Partnership with MAKE UK

Introducing a revolutionary way to develop employee workplace English skills and help reduce workplace incidents – as featured by Manufacturing and Engineering MagazinePlant and Works EngineeringMachinery Market, and Personnel Today

Research shows migrant workers are twice as likely to be killed or suffer workplace injuries, often due to limited English skills. Language and communication barriers put migrant workers at greater vulnerability, as the HSE reports workers admit to pretending to understand English in case it costs them their job or prevents them from getting work.

To tackle this challenge, FlashAcademy® has broadened beyond the Education sector and into the Manufacturing and Construction Industries, with the new FlashAcademy® Workplace English app. Developed in partnership with Make UK, the UK’s manufacturing association, the digital platform offers a combination of technical and general English training from 20 home languages. The innovative technology will enable manufacturers and wider industry employers to improve critical communication, safety, and productivity levels.

Accessible on all devices, the app allows companies to assign bespoke training to each employee and doesn’t require dedicated time away from the production line, as training can be completed anytime, anywhere.  FlashAcademy® Workplace delivers learning across a wide range of topics including COVID-19, general Health and Safety, and productivity improvement.

Recent changes in Health and Safety legislation now require employers to demonstrate that not only has training been delivered, but that their employees have understood it and acted on the information. The Health and Safety content and lean manufacturing/construction content for the app have been developed by Industry experts including MAKE UK and BAM Construction.

“This app will really help manufacturers and wider industry deliver appropriate and effective health and safety training to their migrant workers, ensuring they are properly protected in the workplace. The simple technology enables all employees to make sure they completely understand those vital safety instructions designed to keep employees safe in the work environment.”

– Ian Hunter, Make UK

A key automotive supplier has been piloting FlashAcademy® Workplace for their migrant workers:

It enables our teams to communicate better, even when they speak lots of different languages. I think lots of companies should consider taking up FlashAcademy® Workplace.”

Anita Davenport-Brooks, HR Director, Lander Automotive.
*Photo taken pre-Covid Pandemic

Bringing such innovation to the market has been an exciting new path for FlashAcademy®CEO, Veejay Lingiah and the wider team – “We’re delighted to be launching this new digital English app alongside Make UK. Our goal is to make a significant impact for employers with diverse workforces, helping to accelerate technical English for employees working across a range of different businesses.”

Veejay Lingiah, CEO of FlashAcademy®

There are 9 million workers in the UK with low literacy, limiting their access to work now, and to further training for the jobs of the future. Speak with our team and learn more about the Workplace English app.

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