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How does FlashAcademy® work?

Meredith Cicercia PhD is a linguist researcher and part of the team behind FlashAcademy®’s pedagogical approach. She talks about the FlashAcademy® research-led methodology below.

Multi-sensory input

At FlashAcademy®, we use a combination of multi-modal flashcards that combine images, videos, audio and text to help pupils learn and retain new words through input to multiple sensory channels.

Vocabulary acquisition

Our approach is grounded in research on vocabulary acquisition via both incidental and deliberate learning. By focusing our efforts on expanding both the breadth and depth of a learner’s vocabulary, we can help them achieve a greater level of understanding.

Recall, retention, and use

Research on memory and learning tells us we need to see new language often and in a particular order to effectively move it from short to long-term memory. Our recall exercises are designed to help pupils practise the words they most need to see, when they need to see them.

FlashAcademy® EAL has resulted in over 50% of our pupils with EAL progressing by two proficiency grades during their 15 week induction – something that has never happened before at the school. It is having a tremendous impact for our pupils.

Hollie O’Sullivan Lead Teacher for EAL, Great Barr Academy

We love that it makes the process consistent, it removes some of the issues with differences of opinion between staff.

Sarah Thompson Willenahalle E-Act Academy

It was easy to set and the children didn't need to be supported while doing it. The results are really useful as I can now use the data to plan intervention work using the information from the assessment.

Kelly Mckain Lozells Junior and Infant School

Pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel special and they can also help their parents learn English at home. I would certainly recommend it to other schools as an effective tool for teaching and learning.

Claire Evans Anderton Park School

We’re delighted to be using EAL FlashAcademy with our pupils. We have such a diverse set of native languages amongst our pupils and this is the first platform that we’ve ever come across that addresses this challenge.

Mim Hall Sandwell Valley School

Differentiated learning and engagement

Lessons can be repeated as needed, games can be played on-demand and questions are targeted based on previous answers. Success is rewarded and feedback is built into the app to create a positive experience for every skill level.

Gamification and motivation

Grammar and communication

Learning is scaffolded through layered teaching approaches. Pupils are taught grammar principles through fun animated videos and Understanding is embedded and tested through a range of contextual challenges.

The Research Behind Language Learning Success

Download Meredith’s research which includes practical suggestions to improve language learning in your classroom.

We already see how well families use FlashAcademy® to support learning. Children love it so much the usage continues at home on tablets, phones, laptops, and PCs. FlashAcademy® certainly forms a central part of our strategy of how we continue the learning process, albeit in a virtual way.

Claire Evans Deputy Head, Anderton Park Primary

We know pupils will use the platform at home to learn alongside their family. Parents are improving their English and can be involved in their learning. On the other hand, some pupils just do games and lessons at home to improve their position on the school leader board.

Olivia O Connor Inclusion Lead, Hillside Junior School

At Shireland we seek out the very best resources for our students. We're excited that our students are using FlashAcademy® both inside and outside the classroom to develop their English skills.

Hollie O’Sullivan Head of EAL, Great Barr Academy

We have been so grateful to Flash Academy to responding so quickly to the current situation and providing us with high quality and EAL appropriate home learning booklets in order to provide our EAL learners with an extensive range of resources both digital and paper resources to continue their language acquisition from home at this challenging time.

Sir Mark Grundy Executive, Principal, Shireland Academy

A good way to support young people - particularly UASC , beyond their school or college with additional ESOL provision that is easily accessible and trackable by staff at Virtual School.

Moira Adams Assessment and Quality Assurance Manager, Sutton Virtual School

The programme is very student-friendly, engaging. The teacher dashboard allows you to personalise a student's learning and monitor their progress.

S. Wexler TA, Lostock Hall Academy

The programme is very student-friendly, engaging. The teacher dashboard allows you to personalise a student's learning and monitor their progress.

S. Wexler TA, Lostock Hall Academy

Not only am I happy with the FlashAcademy® software but also with the prompt response I get from the entire team. Things move very quickly and are attended to with such precision.

Imade Olayemi EAL Lead, Perryfields Primary School

It's so good, honestly it has been a delight. I've got a little girl who speaks Tigrinyan and she literally cried with delight because it is the first thing she has actually seen with her home language on it. She's been asking me all morning if she can go on it again.

Petra Waddell EAL Co-Ordinator, Howes Primary School

Pupils are engaging with it, spending time together, having fun and still learning at the same time. It benefits the children so much and the progress they have made since using it has just doubled.

Emma McCormick EAL Lead, Lily Lane Primary School

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