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6 ways to use FlashSticks® in the classroom

So, you have unpacked your FlashSticks® and are eager to use them in the classroom with your students, but have you thought about how to use them? If not, here are six fresh ideas to spark inspiration.

1. Wrapped in words

Stick FlashSticks® all around the classroom on their corresponding objects so that students can see them every day. They will memorise the new vocabulary in the blink of an eye!

2. Where are the FlashSticks®?

Spread the FlashSticks® out on a table face up or face down as a memory game and tell your students to find the words you pronounce or describe. If you were to get the class moving, hide the FlashSticks® around the classroom and tell the students to find the ones you say.

3. What does it sound like?

This activity is very similar to the previous one, but with more of a focus on phonics and the alphabet. Try saying a specific sound and ask your students to collect FlashSticks® with words containing that particular sound, or, for very young learners, words that begin with the same letter.

4. Let’s guess!

Entertain your students with this classic game to help boost their creativity. One student must define or describe a FlashStick® and the rest of the class have to guess which one it is. To up the ante, suggest three forbidden words that they cannot use in each description.

5. What am I?

One student has a FlashStick® placed on their forehead and has to guess what it is by asking questions to the rest of the class or their group. Students can only ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to work out what the word is.

6. Let your imagination fly…

FlashSticks® can be used as a base for scaffolding sentences or longer texts. Challenge your students to build a sentence or a story based on one or a number of key words. FlashSticks® could also form the basis of longer speaking activities, by having students take turns picking sticky notes and building a dialogue, acting out a scene incorporating the target words or even using them in a debate!

Are you ready to challenge your students?

To learn more about how FlashAcademy® can solve language learning challenges at your school, drop an email to or visit MFL for Schools page.

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