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Hear how FlashAcademy® has Been Seamlessly Integrated into this School

Shireland Collegiate Academy is an inner-city school in Birmingham, rich in diversity with 1050 students pre-16 and 250 students post-16. They are strong advocates for using technology in the classroom to accelerate learning and level the playing field for their students.

We sat down with Headteacher, David Irish, to see how they have implemented FlashAcademy ® into their school.

“It’s something we now work seamlessly into our curriculum.”

David Irish, Headteacher, Shireland Collegiate Academy

Why did you choose FlashAcademy® for your school?

“When we met FlashAcademy®, we knew instantly that the gamification of learning would really attract the students to this product. Having spent time piloting it with groups of students and talking about the platform, the reaction we got was tremendous!”

What impact has FlashAcademy ® made in the classroom?

“If you walk into a lesson and see the students using FlashAcademy®, the level of competition and the amount of interaction it draws between students is amazing. Where they’re comparing progress, you can see the students are learning without realising learning is even taking place.”

Would you recommend the FlashAcademy® platform to other schools?

“I would whole-heartedly recommend FlashAcademy® to other schools who are contemplating using it. The support that we’ve had from the team in setting it up and configuring it into our system has been tremendous. Staff are also more than happy using it in the classroom.”

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