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FlashAcademy® – an EAL / ELL tool for international schools

At FlashAcademy®, we understand the unique challenges faced by international schools in providing quality English language education for students from diverse backgrounds. As the UK’s No.1 EAL platform, our EAL / ELL (English as an additional language / English language learning) digital app is designed to address these challenges and empower both educators and students to excel on their linguistic journeys. 

What sets FlashAcademy® apart for international schools? 

1. Tailored learning for multicultural classrooms 

International schools often boast a diverse student body, with learners hailing from various countries and language backgrounds. FlashAcademy® offers a personalised learning experience that caters to this diversity. Our platform adapts to individual learning styles and language proficiency levels, ensuring that each student receives tailored language lessons. 

2. Continuous progress tracking and assessment 

International schools require robust tools to track students’ progress and assess their language proficiency. FlashAcademy® offers digital progress tracking and assessment features that allow educators to monitor individual student performance, identify areas for improvement and provide targeted support. 

3. Comprehensive language support 

FlashAcademy® provides comprehensive language support for students who are learning English as an additional language. From basic vocabulary and grammar to advanced language skills, our platform covers it all. International schools can rely on FlashAcademy® to support students in their language acquisition journey. 

4. Collaborative learning tools 

Collaboration is key in international classrooms. FlashAcademy® provides interactive and collaborative learning tools that encourage students to work together, practice language skills and learn from one another. Our platform fosters a sense of community among students, creating a supportive learning environment through gamification and healthy competition! 

How does FlashAcademy® work in international schools? 

Aligned with the British curriculum, educators can incorporate our platform into their language classes, homework assignments and language support programs. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation, both teachers and students can easily navigate the platform, making the learning experience enjoyable and efficient. 

FlashAcademy® is the ideal EAL / ELL solution for international schools seeking to provide high-quality, personalised language education to their students. By leveraging our platform, international schools can empower students to become confident, multilingual individuals prepared for success in our interconnected world. 

“FlashAcademy® has been a really valuable tool for us as a school. It has allowed us to track pupil’s progress and has been really valuable in providing our students with a constructive learning platform that they can develop their English language skills while in the classroom, as well as enriching our provision as an English language department.” – Liadh Sheehan, ELL and Gifted and Talented Lead at RDS. 

Why do international schools love FlashAcademy®? 

  • Embed the best in class in digital EAL learning and assessment platform across your school. 
  • Engage your pupils engaged with lesson content aligned with the British curriculum. 
  • See real-time snapshots of proficiency levels, empowering you to tailor lessons and teachers. 
  • Unlock cost-saving by implementing FlashAcademy® across multiple schools in your group. 
  • Access data evidence student’s progress and support teachers via the FlashAcademy® teacher dashboard. 

Book a demo today!

Ready to transform English language learning in your school? Book a free demo with our Head of Education, Jenny Loach, and discover how FlashAcademy® could change your EAL / ELL classroom today! 

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