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How to count in French

How to Count in French

So, you’re learning French, great! You’ve already mastered the basics Bonjour = Hello, Je m’appelle = My name is, and Comment vas-tu = How are you. You …


How to count in German

How to Count in German

So, you’re learning German, great! You’ve already mastered the basics Hallo = Hello, Ich heiße = My name is, and Wie geht es dir? …

how to improve pronunciation-01

How to Improve Pronunciation

Pronunciation is very important to learning a new language. There are two scenarios where pronunciation becomes valuable, that’s a new language and also with …

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Is Russian hard to learn?

Is Russian hard to learn?

Perhaps that colossal mass of land to the East has long fascinated you with the depth of its history and the intensity of its people. …

learn french while you drive

Learn French As You Drive

Maximizing your time when traveling can be very beneficial. For years, people have been listening to audiobooks, learning languages and taking audio courses in …

Flirting in German

Flirting in German

Mastering German can get you the girl/guy of your dreams. Imagine walking into a bar in Germany, seeing a beautiful woman or a handsome man …

How to flirt in Italian

Many language learners have considered (whether they like to admit it or not!) finding love or other romantic reasons when deciding to learn a …


Fun languages to learn

If you’ve ever wanted to choose a weird and wacky language, now’s the time. The world has over 7,000 different languages. A lot of …

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Common irregular Spanish verbs

All language learners will have come across grammar at some point, whether you’re a beginner or full blown aficionado. In any language, grammar isn’t …


Why learn German?

So you’re considering learning some German? Whether it’s your first new language or you’re adding to a long list, German is a language that …

Funny German Insults

Funny German insults

Chances are that if you learn German at school or study on your own at home, you won’t come across many insults in your textbook …


How to Count in Spanish

How to count in Spanish

So, you’re learning Spanish, great! You’ve already mastered the basics Hola = Hello, Me llamo = My name is, and ¿Cómo estás? = How are you. You …