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Important FlashAcademy® Update over the October Half Term

FlashAcademy® is improving the way you and your pupils login.

From Monday 29th October, FlashAcademy® will be updating to allow a smoother and quicker way to login to the platform.

So, what’s happening?

The app and dashboard will be unavailable from Friday 26th October until Monday 29th October, so this maintenance can take place. Then a new updated version of FlashAcademy® will be available that MUST be downloaded to ALL devices used in schools. This will present a new and quicker way for all users to log on to the app.  Without the update, FlashAcademy® will not be accessible.

Why the change?

The change is happening because we’ve listened to feedback from schools regarding the use of “email addresses”. Many schools feel more comfortable with a student having a unique short login rather than an inactive email address. The change also comes as part of a wider update that will provide an even better learning experience for pupils.

What does this mean for pupils?

Pupils will now have a quicker and easier way to access the app. Their current “email” styled login will be replaced by a 4-character username (e.g. SS01). Pupil passwords WILL remain the same.

Steps for ICT Teams:

  • On Friday 26th October, please ensure that no one in the school can access FlashAcademy® after midday.
  • On Monday 29th October, download FlashAcademy® Version 4.5 to all devices/tablets that are used in school to access the platform.
  • If there are any issues, delete and reinstall the app to ensure Version 4.5 is activated.
  • Check you have received your new “Centre ID”, that must be entered when logging in to the app and Dashboard.
  • Login to the Teacher Dashboard to ensure all pupils and staff accounts have been updated.
  • Contact Harry Colley ( with any issues following the update.

Steps for Teachers and Learning Support Staff:

  • On Friday 26th October, please ensure that all staff and pupils are logged out of FlashAcademy® after midday.
  • On Monday 29th October, please check your emails for a csv file (simple spreadsheet) containing your new Student Logins.
  • Please make sure that your email contains your new unique “Centre ID”, which will need to be entered when logging in to the Teacher Dashboard.
  • Login to the Teacher Dashboard (using your new Centre ID) and check that all pupils and staff have transferred over.
  • Contact Harry Colley ( if there are any questions or issues.

Important Dates:

Friday 26th October 2018- Teacher Dashboard and FlashAcademy® App will be inaccessible from 12pm.

Monday 29th October 2018- FlashAcademy® Version 4.5 will be available to download. All devices will need to be updated in order to login to the platform.

What does this NOT mean for you?

  • Teacher logins will remain the same. You will keep your email and password, you will just need to add in the new Centre ID.
  • Your school devices will remember your new Centre ID, so once first entered will not be needed to be entered again.
  • Your account will remain the same. No pupils or staff will be deleted from FlashAcademy®.
  • Pupil passwords will remain the same. Pupils will still be able to log in using their current passwords.
  • You will be provided with your new pupil usernames. You will receive a csv file (simple spreadsheet) via email and will NOT have to create usernames for your students.
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