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Exploring responsible AI integration in education

In a podcast episode hosted by Shane Leaning, Thomas Thompson, co-founder of, delved into the responsible integration of AI in education. The conversation revolved around AI’s potential to enhance teaching and learning while addressing concerns about its impact on traditional teaching roles.

Empowering teachers: Thompson discussed how empowers teachers to become stronger instructional designers by leveraging AI techniques to enhance teaching methods.

Ethical AI use: The podcast explored examples of using AI ethically to supplement teaching without replacing teachers entirely, emphasising the importance of responsible AI integration.

Proactive policy development: The conversation also touched upon the significance of developing proactive policies around classroom AI use to ensure ethical and effective implementation.

Avoiding pitfalls: Thompson highlighted common pitfalls to avoid when implementing education technology, stressing the need for careful planning and consideration.

Human-AI collaboration: The principles for leveraging AI in schools were discussed, emphasising a collaborative human-AI model for optimal results.

The podcast provided valuable insights into leveraging AI responsibly in education, emphasising its potential to complement and enhance traditional teaching methods rather than replacing them outright.

Disclaimer: The above summary is based on the podcast “Does AI make teachers obsolete? A conversation with Thomas Thompson” hosted by Shane Leaning. The content and opinions expressed in the podcast belong to the host and guests, and we encourage you to listen to the original source for complete information and context.

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