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Remote Learning: Study Skills Pack

This free pack will help to develop remote learning study skills for all pupils in Key Stage Two and above. Independent study can be an overwhelming challenge for some children. These resources will help both pupils, and their parents, to keep on track and manage remote learning. The worksheets offer activities, e.g. weekly score sheets and daily planner, helping pupils to develop skills such as time management, planning, research skills, and reflection.

For each resource, there is a 'How To Use' suggestion to help pupils and parents get the most out of remote learning study skills. The 'Fake News' worksheet can prepare children before they search for topics online. If you have access to the FlashAcademy® app, there are several FlashAcademy® lessons linked to this worksheet.

This pack contains:
  • 4 x Activity Trackers (Calendar, Planners etc.)
  • 1 x Poster
  • 2 x Graphic Organisers
  • 1 x Reflection Activity
  • 1 x Fake News Worksheet (incl. reading text, questions & activities)
  • 1 x Online Research Tool

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