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Home Learning for German: Global Issues 

  • KS3/4
  • A few basics
  • Tips for outside the classroom
  • Activities
  • MFL

This free pack has been designed to support home learning for MFL during the Coronavirus. This pack is aimed at German GCSE but also allows pupils to review basic vocabulary. The worksheets offer vocabulary activities through photocards, gap fills, and flashcards. The GSCE speaking and writing tasks allow pupils to continue practising their translation skills at home. To get the most out of German home learning, each pack offers a ‘plan’ page at the beginning. If you have access to the FlashAcademy® app, there are several FlashAcademy® lessons linked to each worksheet as well. Instructions have been designed to be parent-friendly, brief, and easy for both parents and pupils to follow. We have also suggested one challenge task for each resource to stretch learners beyond the main task. 

This pack contains:

This pack contains:
  • 7 x Worksheets
  • 2 x Translation Cards
  • Extension Tasks (starred in ‘plan’ page)