Ukrainian now available as a home language on FlashAcademy. Access FREE Ukrainian resources here.

About Us

We’re a UK Science Park team dedicated to innovating technology that supports more successful second language acquisition.

A few of our team

Days (and often nights) at Learning Labs are spent obsessing over how we can better support educators and students everywhere.

The FlashAcademy Founders

Veejay and Richard originally founded Learning Labs with the invention of FlashSticks® language Post-it® Notes, now sold all over the world. The FlashAcademy® platform was then developed in close collaboration with schools, to better support EAL, ESOL MFL and literacy needs for all level of student.

Innovation Birmingham Campus

Our team are based in the iCentrum building of Innovation Birmingham, having grown from an original team of 2 to almost 40.

Education Success Team

Working closely with schools to ensure they have the best possible experience with FlashAcademy® and relaying new ideas back to the team, so we can continue to improve the platform for all users.

Talented developers & designers

Every part of the FlashAcademy® platform is designed and built in-house, making us agile enough to be able to adapt and improve quickly.

Our awesome linguists & teachers

Using experience of teaching in Primary & Secondary, alongside our multilingual team, to oversee that the pedagogy and content meet the current and future needs of schools.