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The best way to learn german

The best way to learn German

The fact is, there is no one size fits all in the pursuit to learn German.

Learning German comes in many shapes and sizes, with hundreds and thousands of brilliant resources that can help you acquire new vocabulary and fluency in your German. Learning is a different process for everyone, so despite being able to suggest approaches, learning is unique to each and every person.

German is a language blessed with a strong community of learners and teachers, so there are so many great ways to start learning German and picking up what you need to know, whether it’s for your holiday to Berlin or for your visit to see new relatives-in-law.

What type of learning is for me?

Learning is something unique to all of us. Individually we learn in different styles; one way won’t work for the next person, so we have to adopt new methods and techniques to learn something new that suit our habits, routines, and styles of learning.

The 7 Learning Styles

German language is the best

These are some of the popular techniques that people use when it comes to learning a new language. Many of them are widely adopted and tweaked based on the person’s learning style, but they are all used as a way to acquire new knowledge and information across the board.

  • Visual – you like to learn with pictures, images, video.
  • Auditory – you like to learn through the use of sound and music.
  • Verbal – you like to learn via speech, both writing and speaking.
  • Physical – you like to learn with motion, using your hands and senses.
  • Mathematical – learning with logic, reason and systemic approaches.
  • Interpersonal – you like learning within groups and with new people.
  • Solitary – you like learning on your own, completely alone.

These are all the styles to learn used in education to approach new work.

You may have already noticed that you use some of these tactics in your current studying with language learning. Or you may even use a few of them or blend them together to help you pick up new vocabulary, phrases, and fluency.

The best way to learn German

learning german resources

Let’s get started with sharing some of the tactics involved in developing German. Recommended resources and learning tactics will be suggested here for you to go away and use:

  • Apps 

The rise of digital devices has been rapid in the last few years, and something that has been embraced by language learners. Apps for language learning have been regarded as one of the best ways of learning for those on the go and those who need to get access to new vocabulary, lessons and interactive content for their target language. Apps have been within arms reach for years, allowing you to learn on the train, before your next meeting and before you go to bed, which gives cadence to their benefits. It’s becoming a favorite of many learners for sure thanks to its easy access. Apps like FlashAcademy have been extremely useful for German students to kick-start. Learn German with they learn with lessons, games, flashcards and native speakers combining interactive content with fun learning approaches.

  • Flashcards 

A much older approach to language acquisition. German has been determined for many years by using a flashcard technique. Flashcards are handy, portable ways to pick up and log new vocabulary. Easy to start, flashcards provide you with a space to express your visualization approach, with images, text and even color association.  They are accessible for all ages, and an excellent way to record a list of vocabulary. It’s worth giving this technique a try thanks to it’s correct and open approach to learn a language.

  • YouTube 

YouTube is something that both distracts us, but teaches us so much. German teachers and YouTubers are a fantastic source of learning for free. Providing video content and real-time communication allowing German learners to jump in to learn through interactive methods. YouTube is very visual, so creators of German language content can be creative in their style of teaching you, which makes it very fun. It’s one of the best ways to get started and can supplement almost all of the techniques mentioned here.

  • Classrooms 

Learning with a teacher or via one-to-one meetings is still an enriching way to learn German. Whether it’s a night class with adults or a school class one-to-one with a German speaker, they are a very direct way to connect with the German language. The benefits of using classroom or one-to-one learning can be improved pronunciation and refined fluency. Thanks to being with someone in real-time, you can get feedback there and then, especially when it comes to developing your German accent.

  • Language Exchange

Growing in popularity year on year, language exchange online is becoming one of the best ways to connect with a native speaker if you are worried about doing it in person. Connecting via sites like iTalki, Speaky and HelloTalk are all great ways to speak with natives and also specialist German teachers. The resources are normally charged, but all of the money is provided to the teacher who motivates them to deliver the best possible content for the lesson. Like the classroom, they’ll tailor the content to your specific level of German, which is very handy when starting out. The ability to speak German is very powerful!

All of these recommendations can be used together. It’s recommended that you don’t learn solely through one style of learning, but many to help you progress with your German learning.

Other tips to learning German

Learning German is a noble pursuit, so it’s always great to have more advice than you need, just in case. So here ar a few different ways and learning methods you could use when picking up some more German.

  • TV/News

A lot of our culture today has been shaped by movies, TV, and news. All of these are great ways to learn about culture, but for acquiring new language skills, it’s great! Try watching the news in German for one week, with the regular learning of German on the side, you’ll start to recognize new words, learn more about the current affairs and improve your fluency and accent. Note: German news reporter might speak fast, but don’t worry, you’ll adapt to it.

  • Events 

Attending local events for German meet-ups is another way to speak with natives or people who love the German tongue. Try using something like Eventbrite or Meetup to speak with natives and connect with the language community in your local area. It’s a great way to meet enthusiast people in your local area who care about languages. This opportunity to speak will massively help.

  • Podcasts

Aside from the TV and movies, podcasts on the go can be a nifty hack to improving your German. Accessing them through something like Spotify or even Podcast apps like Overcast.FM are powerful ways to continue your learning wherever you may be. Offline, online, there’s no way you can escape learning German, which can be a rally great way to immerse yourself in the language. When you next try a podcast, try to speak some of the words they mention in the feature.

learn german with podcasts

Why getting started is important

Getting started is sometimes the hardest thing, with all of these fantastic solutions to learning German, the one way we get started is by getting started. If you’re looking for the best way to keep your German up, it’s momentum.

Momentum helps to fuel language learning. Small moves every day, like learning before bed, listening to an all German podcast or even switching your iPhone’s language to German are all daily ways to get the momentum going and to keep it up. Keeping up this progress will help you to grow your language skills and fluency.  It’ll also pay dividends to your cultural learning too.

So get started today and keep that momentum flowing for the best way to learn German. Let us know what you think the best way to learn German is, in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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  1. German looks so difficult 🙁 although I like the idea of watching the news in the language that you want to learn. definitely a good way to improve your listening skills!

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