An engaging and interactive way to support MFL in the classroom.

FlashAcademy is a language learning platform, providing students with a fun and personalised way to learn. Ideal for classroom tablets, FlashAcademy uses a unique combination of lessons, games, videos and adaptive technology to help each student learn in a way that suits their own learning style.

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Using FlashAcademy at your school

The FlashAcademy platform can be used for teaching activities and for individual student study in or out of the classroom. Teachers can track and compare the progress of each student and set homework at any time using the online dashboard to encourage independent learning.

Flipped learning

Use FlashAcademy to encourage students to acquire their vocabulary and basic grammar independently, using class contact time for deeper learning.

Personalised lessons

FlashAcademy uses adaptive technology, so no two student experiences are the same. The platform helps students to learn in the way that suits them best.

Improving outcomes

FlashAcademy is aligned to the UK curriculum and lifts student performance, by providing them with an engaging and personalised way to learn.

What people are saying:

At Shireland we seek out the very best resources that our students can use to improve their knowledge and skills. FlashSticks and the FlashAcademy app are great examples of this and we’re excited that our students will be using them both inside and outside the classroom to develop their German language skills.

Sir Mark Grundy, Executive Headteacher, Shireland Academy

We’ve noticed an increased engagement in French from our pupils since we started using FlashSticks. And because they enable children to be more independent in their learning, they enable teachers to generate a more personalised path for each child.

Dr Neil Hopkin, Headteacher at Peters Hill Primary School

Gone are the days of the student struggling to learn a new language due to a lack of momentum outside the classroom as this original idea is not only fun, but requires far less willpower from the student. I think this could be ideal for teachers and pupils across the country to start getting creative with foreign language learning.

Angela Molinari, Head of Language Networks for Excellence, University of Wolverhampton

School licenses for FlashAcademy start from as little as £395

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