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How Can FlashAcademy® Help Your School?

Have a specific challenge to address? Take a look at our platforms for MFL, EAL and English!

FlashAcademy® EAL is a platform for schools, supporting teachers to deliver learning for pupils who don’t have English as their first language. With over 35 home languages to teach from, pupils acquire survival and curriculum vocabulary, learn grammar and practise their pronunciation. FlashAcademy® EAL even has provision for pupils who aren’t literate in their home language.

FlashAcademy® MFL teaches speaking, reading, writing and listening to 13 languages from English (including French, Spanish and German). The platform will allow pupils to grow theirvocabulary, strengthen their grammar and improve speaking fluency

FlashAcademy® English is a targeted intervention, providing pupils with a simple and effective way to develop their literacy skills. As an intensive one-to-one personalised literacy tool, the platform supports learners to make rapid progress with their reading and writing.

Achieving Excellence in Language

FlashAcademy® can have benefits for the whole school, helping pupils, teachers and management alike!

Encouraging Pupils

Students develop ambitious vocabulary and master complex grammar. With fun animated videos, 20+ games and a varity of fast pacedchallenges, pupils won’t even realise they are working

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Supporting Teachers

FlashAcademy reduces marking, supports independent learning and provides hundreds of free paper-based resources to save teachers time.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Clear and accurate reporting on progress allows pupils to demonstrate their learning and identifies when a pupil has mastered the necessary skills.

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Embracing the Challenges of Language Learning

How do you provide suitable resources for pupils with EAL without spending hours creating them?
How do you build the confidence of pupils learning MFL whilst increasing engagement?
How do we ensure you are supporting the needs of all pupils and effectively developing their mastery of language?

The FlashAcademy® platform has been created with these challenges in mind and has evolved to respond directly to the challenges faced by teachers today. FlashAcademy® has a range of games, lessons and challenges that help pupils overcome obstacles to language learning while creating detailed reports about their progress.

Good News Stories

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The FlashAcademy® team

Based in Birmingham, our team of linguists, techies and teachers are constantly creating new and exciting content for schools.

Veejay Lingiah
Veejay Lingiah

Role: Desigining Strategy and Improvements

Veejay is our CEO and is committed to developing solutions that remove barriers to learning.

Harry Colley
Harry Colley

Role: Looking After Our Lovely Schools

Harry is our Education Success Adviser, who is a keen advocate of equal opportunity in Education. He has spent the past 4 years working in UK schools.

Anne-Marie McLeman
Anne-Marie McLeman

Role: Creating Engaging, Pedagocially-Driven Content

Anne-Marie is our Content Assistant who loves both the teaching and learning side of languages and has a curious passion for grammar.

Aaron Somal
Aaron Somal

Role: Building the platform and squashing bugs

Aaron is our Head of Development and a fount of knowledge on all things code. Everyday something new is added to the app by Aaron and his team, as we receive ideas and feedback from our schools.

Harry Colley
Matt Williams

Role: Platform expert and Educational Outreach

Matt is our Education Director and the first port of call for schools who have a question about the platform. What Matt doesn’t know about FlashAcademy isn’t worth knowing!

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