FlashAcademy adds ‘Ukrainian to English’ to support schools and colleges with refugee challenge 

FlashAcademy, the award-winning EdTech company, have just announced they have added Ukrainian to the platform, now providing 48 home languages, from which to learn English. The UK based education team have also developed a range of free resources to help support newly arrived pupils from Ukraine, adding to their existing library of over 300 free resources for schools spanning from KS1-KS4.  

The team have been working over the last 8 weeks to respond to the current crisis and ensure schools are fully supported to assist new Ukrainian pupils and even parents that enter the country.  The new ‘Ukrainian to English’ digital course means that schools can provide immediate English learning assistance to newly arrived pupils, covering the national curriculum for primary and secondary learners.  The FlashAcademy app will help these learners who will be familiar with a Cyrillic alphabet, including lessons that will assist with phonics, handwriting, spelling skills and speaking their new language.   

To support teachers, FlashAcademy has also created a new, free learner profile resource that includes information on how Ukrainian differs from English in terms of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and writing.  The team have also created a ‘free to download’ 30 page Welcome Book for newly arrived Ukrainian pupils – so that teachers have something physical to use with students on day 1 of their new school experience. 

Our free Ukrainian resources can be found here.

Veejay Lingiah, CEO and Co-Founder of FlashAcademy commented: “As the UK’s largest platform supporting schools with EAL, we’ve been heavily involved with initiatives to support our schools with the challenges presented by refugees from Afghanistan and Syria. We know how extraordinarily difficult it can be for these pupils arriving from war torn regions and the academic and well-being challenges they face, in addition to the task confronting teachers.  Our role is to provide the best support possible to teachers and pupils, to help accelerate English skills amongst these new pupils, so they can achieve their academic and social goals.” 

FlashAcademy is a platform which supports pupils with English as an additional language, helping schools to save time with digital EAL assessments and accelerate English acquisition with their award winning learning platform . FlashAcademy helps pupils to improve their English language skills through interactive activities and gamified content, teaching a range of content that support from Primary School through to FE College level English needs.