English App Launched to Support Syrian Families Living in Birmingham

Birmingham EdTech FlashAcademy has launched a bespoke English app for Syrian refugee families resettled in Birmingham, after being awarded a Local Authority grant back in March 2020.

For refugee communities in the region, learning English is vital for integration and employment opportunities. Disruptions over the last 18 months, however, have caused unprecedented stress levels for already vulnerable families seeking to start their new life in the UK.

With a large number of refugee families moving to Birmingham under the government resettlement scheme, FlashAcademy – a leading Edtech platform for schools – has now created a special version of the app to help refugee adults learn English, better understand the local area, and to more successfully start their life in the UK.

Working with organisations such as Spring Housing and Refugee Action, this new app will serve as ever-present support to Syrian families with an aim of opening doors for career and life opportunities.

Through state-of-the-art technology, the content combines proficiency-aligned vocabulary and practical vocabulary to help new refugee families in the UK understand some of the cultural differences which families can typically find challenging e.g. housing, British education system, finances, and medical services.

Adults can improve their English language learning on any device through 600+ lessons, many of which are tailored to Birmingham – such as local landmarks, familiarising themselves with dialects and accents, and local services – to help them feel more comfortable and excited to live in their new city and integrate within the community.

If you’re an ESOL provider based in and around Birmingham and would like to learn more about how FlashAcademy can support refugee learners, please get in touch with team@flashacademy.com