Is German a good language to learn

Is German a good language to learn?

So you might be asking yourself is German a good language to learn? We think there are many reasons to start learning German today.

Everything from travel to meeting new people could become a lot easier for one. Naturally, we forget that German is one of the most popular languages in the world. With over 90M speakers, surprisingly German ranks as the 10th most spoken language around the world. German is the second most popular language spoken in Europe showing it’s dominance.
If you’re looking for an excuse to learn German, we’ve got plenty of them. This article will share reasons to start learning German. There are lots of people to speak to, lots of new cultures to learn and opportunities for you once you’ve mastered even the basics of German.

So why not, try to learn some German today!

Where can I start speaking German? 

german language is good to learn
German is misleading. Many people think it’s the sole native tongue of only Germany. However, that’s not the case. German is spoken by many other neighboring countries as their first language. Germany has around 20M speakers while neighboring places like Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium all speak German.

German has been adopted by many others outside of Germany too. Some villages in Slovakia and Brazil can speak German, which surprises many as one of the places with German as their native language. This could be very beneficial if you find yourself there.

It’s never certain who you’ll meet that can speak German, imagine bumping into F1 driver, Sebastian Vettel and only having the option to speak English? Not as fun as engaging with him in his native tongue. There are many realistic situations like being able to speak with relatives, friends of friends or even at language meet-ups in your town or city that can help you use that German you acquire.

Using something like Eventbrite or Meetup will show you a world of learners and native speakers in your area to start meeting. There are so many reasons to learn German as a second language, it’s impossible to document them all, but here are a few reasons why people choose German as a target language. What a great opportunity to learn!

Reasons German is a good language to learn? 

german town
There are many reasons people adopt German as their target language. German has various benefits, despite its tricky vocabulary, word format, and grammar.

Here are some of those reasons to learn German:  

  • Easy to learn – the German language stems from Germanic roots. Germanic roots are seen in a lot of the English language we see today. Many learners have found it easier to pick-up against a classical Latin language like Spanish, Italian, or French. According to many learners, picking up German can be much easier and less time-consuming thanks to this connection.
  • Job haven – Germany is one of the most economically advanced countries in Europe. If you’re looking to pick-up a job or become one of the masters of industry, German is needed. A lot of graduates head to Germany after university/college in the hope of finding new jobs with higher paying salaries, improved workplace efficiency, and a better lifestyle. Berlin is one of those places that many head to, as the “silicon valley” for finance and mechanics businesses, as well as startups.
  • Music fans – If you are into your classical music, German could be for you. Most of the world’s best composers hail from Germany. Germany, historically, hosts a lot of composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and much more. So, if you’re looking to craft your knowledge of music and understand their history, German is your language.
  • It’s just fun to learn – Imagine being able to chat with a random person at a party, just rolling off some German, impressing your friends, family and even colleagues. That would be amazing! So why not, it’s just something to add a bit of mystery to your skill set. There’s no expectation for know the full language, but the odd word here and there is something that appreciated and might even score you a date…
  • Dating – Another real benefit to learning German is you can potentially start dating German men or women.  That opens up a whole new possibility. Whether you’re on holiday or traveling, the opportunity of meeting German natives romantically isn’t as scary as before, and certainly within your limits now. So, think about how German can improve your love life potential.
  • Travel and learn – Heading out to Germany for a short weekend trip? Knowing even the basics of German could be a lifesaver. If you’re heading to a city, German is spoken less, thanks to the tourist culture. However, if you are looking to explore the more rural areas of Germany, it’s a must, as many Germans don’t need to speak English for trade, so it’s a massive bonus.

Is German culture good too? 
is German a good language to learn?


Germany’s culture is world-renowned and something now included in many different countries around the world.
German’s are known for their range of sports, cuisine, and people. Football is their national sport, and they’ve managed to have a lot of success with this, four world cup final wins to their name, even against the likes of England.

The German cuisine is enjoyed by many around the world. Everything from German kebabs to sausages, even beer are well-loved in Germany and have much respect associated with them. Germany has many events around food like beer festivals and sausage and Schnitzel events to dedicate their love for their cuisine.

Festivals like Oktoberfest, in the month of October, is a very popular German event that occurs every year as a celebration of German culture and values. It has now has been adopted by many other European countries and Germans around the world celebrate it where ever they are.

So, is German a good language to learn?
is german good to learn

If you are looking for a challenging language, with great culture and rich language roots. German is your choice. It is something praised by many who learn it, and those who embed it into their routine continue to honor its diversity and open approach.

There are some brilliant resources for German to help conquer the challenging experiences you may overcome when learning the language. Thankfully, the German language community is active and put out natural resources online to help a German learner to develop their skills. Here are a few ways to start learning German today:

  • German Language Flashcards – Flashcards are proven system to help students adopt new vocabulary, sentences, and grammar, perfect for everyday light learning, offline or online.
  • Classroom lessons – After hour lessons for adults or in-class lessons can be a great way to boost up your knowledge with the German speaker. Teachers are great for one-to-one problem solving too, if you have a German language issue.
  • Apps like FlashAcademy  – Apps have been all the rage in the last few years, and language learning apps have been one of the fastest apps to download for new learners, as they are a portable way to learn wherever you are.
  • YouTube tutorials/lessons – Lessons on YouTube have been growing in the last few years, tutorials and coaches have created a range of videos for German learners to watch at no cost and great for passive learners.
  • Skype/iTalki tutorials – Video calling has become a new way to adopt language skills. For German, iTalki and independent Skype tutors have been dominating the field for those looking to learn German online.
  • Blogs from speakers – Speakers and learners have been blogging away about their learning and teaching experiences to help you when you get started. This is a real way to get involved in the learning community and interact with speakers too.

Remember, any language has its benefits and starting them can really improve your chances of continuing them as you learn more about the resources and tools around you.

Have you enjoyed learning German, let us know in the comments. Your thoughts would be beneficial for the readers of this blog to help them make the decision to start learning German, good or bad, we’d love to hear your story! 

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