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fun ways to learn italian

Fun ways to learn Italian

Italian, being one of the romance languages, is naturally one of the preferred languages for newbies to learn.

Many elements make Italian a favorable language above some others. Some of the reasons include; the fluidity of language, family orientated culture, the creativity of the citizens, passionate tones. Highlighted most amongst learners is the culture, the culture in Italy makes things very interactive.

Whether it’s a family dinner of pasta con funghi or a passeggiata, a long evening stroll. People who learn Italian love to absorb the culture and environment that the Italians create. There are various fun and interactive ways to acquire Italian as your second or even third language, whether you are looking to pick up a few pieces of vocabulary or dive deep with the grammar.

What makes Italian fun to learn?

ways to learn italian

The Italian language derives from Latin and is known as a romance language. All that means is that the Italian language has had a strong history of adaptation. Italian is currently spoken by 60M speakers, making it official languages of the following countries; Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Western Istria (in Slovakia).

So, what makes Italian a fun language to learn for someone looking to jump into a new language? Let’s explore some of the reasons mentioned above in more detail:

  • The fluidity of the language – The Italian language has a very fluid sound and something that is very warming to the ears. Many people praise the Italians for their melodic language, with few harsh tones and intonations, the general flow of Italian language is easy to listen to. What attracts many people to learning Italian is this soft tone.
  • A family orientated culture – Italians are known for their love and attention to the family around them. Older members of the family like grandparents; nonna e nonno and uncles/aunties gli zii, le zie are treated with the utmost respect. Meals are crucial in Italian family culture, with long lunch time meals every day, with no smartphones or noise, just the company of each other. Weddings and other family celebrations are huge affairs, in comparison with English celebrations, with massive family gatherings and lots of emotional moments to send the couple on their next adventure.
  • The language of love– Leading on from Weddings, romance is an important part of Italian culture. Stereotypes point at Italian men being very forward with their emotions, which is partially true. There is a general awareness of love being something that is respected and treated well, allowing the men and woman to treat each other on more occasions, spend more time with each other and make more effort. Some say this is due to their expressive history of romance in art, culture, and movies.

There’s many other reasons why someone would like to adopt Italian into their language set. Italian is interactive in it’s learning with many different ways to pick it up that won’t bore you or your friends, don’t panic!

Fun ways to learn Italian

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We’ve selected a few ways that people can adopt

  • Face-to-face – Speaking face-to-face with a native can be one of the best ways to learn Italian. It’s very fun to do, as you are interacting with someone from the country or who knows your target language inside an out. Meeting with someone on a regular basis can be interactive, useful and have a host of other benefits for your social life.
  • Language exchange – Thanks to the evolution of the internet we now have the ability to speak with anyone we need to around the world. Speaking with a native isn’t too hard to do if you haven’t been able to find one in your local area. With sites like Verbling and iTalki, you can make contact with a native speaker for a small fee. This one-to-one interaction through Skype can be very fun and give you so much knowledge and insight into the language. They might even be contacting you from the country that you are looking to visit, which makes the whole experience even more exciting for you as a learner.
  • Online chat – Chat apps have become increasingly popular in the last six months. Apps such as HelloTalk, Tandem, and Speaky have become great options for those looking to connect with a native and exchange language skills casually. These one-to-one chats can provide you with not only knowledge but a nice ongoing friendship with a native speaker. It’s fun, with features like video chat, emoji, GIFs and more, there’s never a dull moment.
  • Interactive Apps – Things have been getting exciting with apps to teach you Italian. Fun ways to learn Italian have been growing and growing. The chat and language exchange apps will help you to connect with natives quickly, but what if you are on the train home and you just want to dive into some simple Italian learning. Vocabulary apps like WordUp will help you to revise up useful Italian words for using out and about. Apps like FlashAcademy are equally perfect for beginners and more advanced learners, helping with phrases, dialogue and much more to help improve your language skills rapidly.
  • Attend a languages night – Meeting others learning different languages is fun. Log onto Eventbrite or even Meetup and search around for language meet-ups or language nights, it’s worth a go, especially with all of the community that you could be meeting, worth taking a friend if you are nervous.
  • Learn with a friend – Language learning with a friend can be a lifestyle, and for learning Italian, it could be fun! Speak to a few friends about whether they’ve ever been interested in learning Italian. If they are and seem committed and up to the challenge, it’s worth setting up a schedule to pursue it together. It’s a great way to keep accountable and doubles the fun for sure.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to learn. Many people when they get started learning languages struggle to find interactive ways to learn the language. This isn’t your fault, naturally when you learn, the default ways to learn appear. e.g. textbooks, old-fashioned teachers, etc. Picking up a new language and trying to learn in an interactive away can boost your motivation and persistence when you get started.

Italian culture is fun too

ways to learn italian

There are many different ways you could start learning about Italian culture too.

Remember language learning can be improved massively if you have something like culture alongside, to help provide you with in-depth insights into the lives of the people living and speaking the language daily.

Cultural knowledge can be a valuable asset to have when you are travelling, knowing the ins and outs of a city or even of a country can give you the upper hand with anything from bartering for a cheaper price to speaking with a restaurant owner, even with an emergency situation, if something like that ever occurs.

Knowing all about how to deal with situations like an Italian can provide you with such a strong barracks of useful knowledge for your journey. Let us know in the comments any fun ways you’ve managed to pick up Italian or even another language; we’d love to hear all about your stories and what you found useful!  

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  1. I love your blog! 🙂 I’m tired of boring methods for learning languages, but you always have great ideas for making it funny guys! the best one: language exchange!

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