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How fast can you learn Italian

How fast can you learn Italian?

Learning a new language might seem like a huge task to accomplish but it all comes down to patience. Today we’ll be answering the question of one language; how fast can you learn Italian?

Italian is one of the most popular languages for learners. There are many reasons for the masses looking to learn Italian. One of those reasons is that it is a romance language. Romance languages are preferred by many learners thanks, to their soft tones and fluent and smooth sound which many get drawn into.

Whether you’ve discovered Italian through a movie or from a friend, once people start getting into the Italian language, they’ll see the beauty of accent, fluency and much more.  The Romance language is very special to many and sadly does take some time attention to learn. Let’s share in this article, how long it would take to learn Italian and a few ways you can improve your speed of learning Italian.

How fast can you learn Italian? Or any other language for that matter?!

How fast can you learn Italian?

There are many factors that influence the length of picking up a new language.

They can be correlated most of the time to the individual. There are many influences that will affect your ability to pick up a new language. Here are a few to mention:

  • Distance from native speaking country
  • Similarities to the mother tongue
  • Exposure to the language
  • Access to resources for learners

For those looking to learn Italian, an English native might have more struggles against a French native, based on their exposure to the Italian language. When it comes to learning a new language, it’ll take time, but once you nail it, it’ll be so beneficial. Italian is a very rewarding language once you’ve mastered it, the study, the time, the stress will pay off once you are able to communicate in Italian to native speakers.

How fast can you learn Italian?

With an average and consistent speed of learning Italian taken into account, primarily completed at home, Italian can take anywhere between 3 to 24 months to absorb fully. There are more intense approaches like Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 months plan to a more reserved approach planned over time. It very much depends on a combination of the factors around you and your rate of work ethic towards it.

Learning Italian with the right recipe of intensity and speed can take 3 months. This would give you enough skills to hold an intermediate conversation with a reasonable range of vocabulary, however, if spread over a 12-24 month period with a slightly lower tempo, can provide you with the ability to be included in the advanced conversation and have a wide range of Italian vocabulary under your belt.

The real answer is it depends on how you are with languages and how you approach this long-term goal. If you are persistent, the skill of learning a new language will be possible for you. The study time you put into the language can be stressful and long, but can pay off in the long run!

Let’s discuss a few ways that you can increase the speed of your learning with Italian.

How to speed up my Italian learning?

Speeding up your Italian learning is possible. Like many things the more time and effort you put into it, the better the chances of your outcome. There is a general rule of thumb in language learning that can be used. That rule is immersion, the more immersed you are, the more opportunity your brain will have to feed yourself the Italian language and pick up new phrases, vocabulary, and sentences.

learn italian with immersion

Immersion can include the following techniques: 

  • Watching native-speaking YouTube videos
  • Using apps and digital resources
  • Speaking with native speakers every day
  • Changing your language on computer and iPhone to Italian
  • Only speaking to yourself aloud in Italian
  • Writing all of your notes in Italian

There are hundreds of more granular things you can do to immerse yourself. One of the best starting points is something you already have access to, so why not try watching some videos on YouTube from one of the Italian languages teachers on YouTube like Lucrezia Oddone, Tom Txxytu, or Marcoinabox, there are hundreds, which is great!

What’s the goal with language learning?

Setting a target when starting a new language can be a great way to get started. Many learners take advantage of having a north star goal when they are learning Italian to keep focused in their pursuits.

With a target, you are scientifically more likely to complete your goal. Having a target that is defined and very fixed will help you to control your efforts and intensity of your work rate. For example, if you are looking to learn Italian, you should set yourself a very tangible target that helps you define exactly when you have completed your goal. For example, instead of setting yourself something like “Learn Italian in 12 months”, try something a little stronger. Something like “Have a fluid 15-minute conversation with an Italian native, in 3 months from now (XX DATE)” will be a much more effective target to have as you provide yourself with a fixed state of workload and a knowledge of what your goal is at any given time.

The next stage to this is making sure you go through with this specific target. We recommend using sites like Rype, Verbling or iTalki as your go-to communication tool with an Italian native if you don’t know any that would be willing to test your skills. Book the challenge date in advance and let your tutor know so that they can set the tone of the conversation and let you know whether you will have completed your goal in those precious and tense 15-minutes.

This might be a little nerve racking but will certainly make your language learning more effective when it comes to progress, you can set yourself these 3-month goals to keep yourself fresh and heading in the right direction. This target not only provides a goal for the near future but helps to define your learning pattern, if you need to know the basic level of conversation, you’ll be spending more time on the basic level vocabulary, accent, fluency versus more intense harder strings of vocabulary and phrases, so this becomes a more effective to plan your learning.

Let us know in the comments how long it took you or someone you know to learn Italian and how they managed to keep on target, were they persistent or very loose with their learning techniques? 

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