London 2019

Is your school seeking new and effective strategies to tackle the EAL challenge? Find answers at EAL London 2019!


EAL London 2019


Is your school seeking new and effective strategies to tackle the EAL challenge?  Find answers at EAL London 2019!

What is EAL London 2019? 

A practical and interactive conference, ideal for SLT and those directly responsible for EAL provision.


The full agenda with timings, dates and all of the topics being discussed will be released shortly.

Why attend?

A lively combination of short talks and workshops will give you:

  • Clear guidance on how to plan and implement an effective EAL strategy
  • Strategies for building an effective EAL team within your school
  • Advice on how to comply with the new compulsory EAL proficiency framework assessments
  • A summary of the latest of EAL resources for schools
  • School success stories: hear directly from local schools that are winning with their EAL challenges

Please check back as this page will be updated regularly as we get closer to the event.

How much does it cost to attend?


Feedback from previous FlashAcademy® Events:

"As a very green EAL rep, it was great that each speaker made their learning and points accessible to all levels. Also an excellent venue and accommodating staff!"

"The whole event was brilliant!"

"It was great listening to the ways in which schools are adjusting to EAL pupils. Very well organised and presented event!"

We look forward to seeing you!

N.B. This event, including delegates, will be recorded for promotional purposes.