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An independent learning tool for Primary & Secondary EAL

An independent learning tool for Primary & Secondary EAL

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Our EAL journey

We began in 2016 with an innovative MFL platform, which introduced technology and blended learning into the classroom and helped make modern language teaching more engaging and effective across all key stages. But we encountered many schools telling us about the EAL challenge they were facing: more and more EAL learners coming into classrooms up and down the country and a total lack of both entertaining and useful resources to help students and teachers alike.

So we decided to help, by getting to grips with the problem and building an entirely new EAL platform. It’s been a long and bumpy road, but we’re now finally ready to launch our first exciting version just in time for the new school year. We’re starting with 20 native languages and are working hard to implement many more, with as many as 50 source languages planned by the end of the year. Join us and see what we can do to help you.


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Some of the partners and pilot schools working with us:

None of this would have been possible without the input, suggestions and support of some of the countless people, schools and organisations who’ve helped us along the way. If you’re a school or association connected to EAL, we’d love to hear from you!

Claire Evans

Anderton Park School

Pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel special and they can also help their parents learn English at home. I would certainly recommend it to other schools as an effective tool for teaching and learning.

Mim Hall

Sandwell Valley School

We’re delighted to be using EAL FlashAcademy with our pupils. We have such a diverse set of native languages amongst our pupils and this is the first platform that we’ve ever come across that addresses this challenge.

David Irish

Shireland Academy

We knew instantly that FlashAcademy's gamification of learning would really attract students. I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy.

Mandy Finnegan

Birmingham City Council

We're very excited to be supporting the technology and would recommend any school with an EAL challenge to consider the platform for their pupils and teaching team.

Independent learning

FlashAcademy enables pupils to learn independently, inside and outside of the classroom.

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Improve engagement

The unique combination of lessons and games engages pupils like no other platform available.

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Encourage competition

Pupil performance is recorded on live leaderboards, motivating them to keep going.

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Track progress

Monitor school, class and pupil progress at anytime with the teacher dashboard.

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Raise attainment

Improve pupil vocabulary, grammar, speaking, spelling, listening and writing skills.

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Case study at Anderton Park

State Primary School
750 pupils
Claire Evans

"Pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel special and they can also help their parents learn English at home."

Survival vocab & curriculum specific

The EAL platform is aligned to the UK curriculum and features key vocabulary included in maths and science syllabi. It also includes essential survival phrases an EAL learner may require - things like ‘thank you’, ‘bathroom’ or ‘I don’t understand’.


Learn across devices


FlashAcademy for Schools works seamlessly across all modern devices, on both iOS and Android. Progress is synchronised whether students use the app in class or at home, with data captured and available to view on the teacher dashboard.

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