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easy ways to learn spanish

Easy Ways to Learn Spanish

Spanish can be one of the most rewarding languages to learn for many reasons. Spanish is currently spoken by over 400 million natives around the world in many areas of the globe you wouldn’t talk, as one of the most popular languages out there, it’s one of the most rewarding thanks to some people you can connect with around the world.

learn spanish using easy methods

The Spanish language is one of the romance languages most commonly picked as the language to study by language learners. But does that mean it’s easy to learn? Of course not. Like many of the foreign languages out there it takes the time to acquire the skills and knowledge around a language to be able to speak fluency with a native speaker. Spanish like many others requires dedication, focus on elements like grammar, vocabulary, and accent with an excellent combination of cultural experience to help immerse yourself in the language and stepping into fluency.

Today’s article will focus on showcasing useful resources and methods for easy ways to pick up Spanish.

Easier Methods of learning Spanish

A friend 

Of course meeting up with friends is so much fun and very easy. It’s worth asking your friendship circle how much Spanish they know. If they have been able to practice it or even have a credible story about using it (and succeeding), it’s worth exploring whether you can meet up and learn from them. Even this form of learning is passed, but can be an easy way to start picking up new words, phrases and grammar skills in an accessible format. Thanks to the nature of the interaction, over a coffee maybe, or even a pint you’ll be picking up the new words in no time.


learning spanish the easy way

Using your artistic skills might be a nice way to start picking up some Spanish. Many people find using art/creative forms of learning as an easy way to learn. Try this with your Spanish. It’s easy! Just try making some visually impressive flashcards or even a drawing that helps you remember the vocabulary you’ve just learned.Creative ways of learning are becoming more and more popular day by day and well worth trying out to help improve your acquisition of new vocabulary and words. If you have a young child, try setting them an assignment to complete that allows them to use their Spanish combined with their creative expression, it’ll be well worth it.


Apps have become one of the new ways to learn a language and many people regard them as an “easy” way to learn Spanish. This is thanks to the nature of the experience; many people are enjoying the experience of this application thanks to the level of games, lessons, native speaker interaction and much more that these apps now pack inside. They can be accessed easily on the train home, or even when you have a spare 5 minutes before you parents arrive home, so there are plenty of opportunities to use this in your daily routine. Plus, even on a traveling trip to the native speaking country, in this case maybe Spain. You can bring the apps along using the offline mode provided by the service.


radio spanish

As mentioned in our article about learning French as you drive taking a passive form of learning can be extremely useful to save time and improve you commute time. So whether you are walking, driving, cycling, with care, why don’t you try out listening to some Spanish radio station, or even podcasts in the native tongue to help you with your efforts. This simple way of learning can be an excellent way to practice your speaking and listening skills and a great way to avoid any writing or reading work for a few moments, for sure.


Spanish movies are very popular with English speaking countries. A few months ago I re-watched Tell No One, a French movie about a crime investigation. Although the movie was entirely in French it helped to pick up some new vocabulary, the association to the subtitles and the pace of the film contributed to build connections between words and phrases, so I was able to learn a few new words as I was watching. This can be done with Spanish movies translated into English. Very easy to learn thanks to the simplicity of looking at a movie.

Cultural experiences

cultural experience

Much can be said for the benefit of cultural experiences for learning Spanish. Being immersed in a language can be an excellent way of easily pick up useful phrases and sentences you’ll need in your everyday life. The best way to interact with the culture is to immerse yourself, go out of the way to do so. So when you next travel takes some time out to explore the city/village you are in. Go boldly into battle with your skills.

Try visiting a local coffee shop or even go and buy a local newspaper, test out the vocabulary you know. Speak to some locals in the bar and even work out the best spots for them. You can do this with tiny Spanish and the pressure of jumping in, although not easy, can be extremely rewarding. Culture is almost the heart of each language you learn, so understanding habits, routines, and traditions of the people of the language can be beneficial.

Let us know your tips for learning using “easier” methods in the comments. We’d love to hear whether you have been able to pick up new phrases, words and much more just by the use of these “easy” methods.

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  1. as a language learner and a teacher of Spanish, I find this post very useful. could you recommend me some books / resources for learning Spanish? I’m sure my students will find it really interesting!

    1. @lauramflwanderlust:disqus there is also a post with suggestions of Spanish novels that you can read. they are organized per level 🙂

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