Can you learn german on your own

Can you learn German on your own?

Learning German can be extremely rewarding.

For those thinking that German can only be learned in groups or even in classes, you are incorrect. Learning German can be adopted as a one-man mission. Many people have been very successful with their German on their own and it’s something many thousands and hundreds of thousands of people start every single week on their own.
There are many benefits to learning German ranging from

Set a learning target

learn german on your own

Setting a learning target can be one of the best ways to get started. Many people struggle to set themselves a target when learning a new language. For German, the tricky part of the language is mostly grammar, so being prepared and focused can be your ticket to success. One of the best ways to keep focused is setting a strong, clear learning target. This is very popular with those who are looking to complete goals like running a 26-mile marathon, they’ll set an actionable target like the marathon as the route to success.
With language learning and German learning, there’s very intangible goal. Being able to speak German can come in many forms.
Setting a more tangible goal like “Holding a 15-minute conversation with German native in 3-months” is perfect. It’s clear and highlights what you need to do before then and in between as you are learning. One of the clearest ways to map out your learning for sure.

Ways to learn German on your own

There hundreds of ways to get started with your German learning. There are very many simple methods they include the following:
learn german together
Textbooks are a very personal way to learn and very old-fashioned. Learning through these mammoth-sized books will help you to pick up the majority of the key learning tactics, things like grammar, spelling and writing skills, but won’t provide you with too much speaking experience. Textbooks are recommended, but try and stick to this as one of the many ways you learn German, versus the only way you learn German.
Probably even more popular than learning using textbooks is learning with Flashcards. The age-old method of writing up new vocabulary is one of the most effective ways to improve your recall and ideal for practicing on the go with the Flashcards being super portable. Sticking them up around the house using Post-it Notes is another effective way to use the method of learning to its maximum. Remember if you decide to learn on your own, check with the people who own the house or whom you rent with if it is okay to stick these all around the house.
These are all non-inclusive ways to learn that don’t involve much other human interaction that can be started at home. Here are some of the more diverse ways you can learn a language with the help of experts.
Language learning apps 
Language learning apps are the rising stars of the language learning scene. For German learners, there is a massive amount of app resources out there for you to learn from speaking practice all the way to learning the German vocabulary, everything you need to get started from beginner to advanced levels. Apps are becoming a very interactive way to learn with heaps of new games, lessons, videos and ways to learn. Everything from speaking accuracy tracking to object translation can be accessed via the language learning apps. You are in now a shortage, worth checking the App stores today! Our recommendation is, of course, FlashAcademy which combines games, lessons, voice accuracy, object scan and much more.
Skype sessions 
german learn
Skype is becoming one of the best ways to communicate in the 21st century, even for friends who live a few miles apart. Connecting with native speakers via Skype can provide an excellent outlet to start practicing your German. German native speakers can offer their time and linguists to you via sites like iTalki, Rype, and Verbling for a small fee between £10 – £30 per hour. This hour will be a great way for you to start learning the language when you are at home and away from others, but with a native speaker with tons of experience speaking.
Social media 
A very new way to learn German comes from social media. Social media has vastly become the platform for conversations. Starting and interacting in those conversations can be a very effective way to learn German. There are many German learners out there in the communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that can help assist your language learning in some format. Whether it’s sharing a German learning crib sheet or offering 5-minutes of their time, that’ll help massively. Don’t tell your friends and join some of these groups, start communicating and see where it leads. 10-20 mins a week will be optimum interaction for you to reap the benefits of speaking with German learners and native speakers for sure.

Be persistent

learning german is tough

There’s a lot of pressure to achieve something on your own. Maybe you’ve told yourself that your target is reachable and you’ve come across a partially tough patch of the process of learning German. How do you persist through?
Persistence comes from having tough weeks with your German learning. One or two weeks that don’t go as productively as the weeks before is good. The learning will take time, so be prepared for the marathon of learning versus the sprint, that’s the right way to reach your targets. Plus, as you learn German on your own, be aware that that pursuit is noble in itself, so just keep on doing what you are doing.
We wish you all the very best with your German learning!
If you enjoyed this article, please do comment and share the resources you’ve used as we’d love to hear. Thank you for reading! 

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