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YouTube channels to learn Spanish

6 YouTube channels to learn Spanish

There are currently around 400 million Spanish speakers in the world.

Being one of the most practiced languages around the world has many benefits, those include a lot of resources for learners. Resources range from textbooks to flashcards to video content. One very useful resource in the last few years that many learners have been praising is YouTube.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, where content creators upload useful videos, anything from cute cat videos to science education videos dominate YouTube, but for Spanish learners, it can now be a place to learn the language. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to learn a language using YouTube, recommend a few creators who put out regular video content and also share a few other recommendations for learning with YouTube so you can maximize your efforts.

The benefits of learning with YouTube

learn through youtubers

YouTube appears to be full of useful videos and resources for any learner. The great thing is that there is so much out there to consume as a learner. Spanish has a fantastic range of resources, for all stages of language level.  There is a heap of benefits that YouTube has other learning methods, something that needs to be considered when approaching any education topic.

Here are some of the benefits of learning with YouTube: 

  • Easy-to-follow: Video is one of the best ways to learn. Remember in class, when the teacher wheeled in the TV on wheels to watch an informative video? Most of the time we absorbed all of the learnings from that video, thanks to its visuals, informative nature. A video is very passive, so you don’t need to do much, but soak it all in.
  • Anytime: YouTube is now available on every device. It’s perfect for anyone looking to jump into their learning anytime. Whether it’s a lunchtime or in a park, thanks to the world of internet access we can learn anywhere.
  • Real people: Creators on YouTube have a good reputation for the Spanish community providing you with a window of opportunity. Comments allow you to connect with them; maybe you have a specific question, or even just want to thank them, they are there and frequently fairly responsive to speaking with you.

Videos and YouTube rule, making it a perfect resource for any Spanish learner who wants to either improve their Spanish or start from scratch with their learning. YouTube is also free, so it can provide you with an unlimited source of learning for acquiring the best bits of your Spanish.

YouTube channels to learn Spanish

learn spanish with youtube

Learning Spanish can be very fun and these content creators have fantastic regular content for you to start learning. Many of them have managed to create videos daily, but most of them post out at least twice a month allowing you to get regular sources of content straight to your inbox.

Here are our YouTube channel recommendations for learning Spanish: 

  • Butterfly Spanish – Regular lessons makes Butterfly Spanish a great option for Spanish learners. Lessons range from between 5-20 minutes and go in detail with all types of topics. Lessons are run on a whiteboard allowing her lessons to be fluid and easy to follow. We recommend checking the channel out!
  • SpanishPod 101 – Fun, interactive lessons from SpanishPod cover all aspects of your travels to Spain. From holiday words to food. Lessons are fast and very interesting providing you with useful insights. SpanishPod also provides a podcast and learning site to improve your Spanish too.
  • Learn Spanish with Paul – Paul’s well-created podcast like videos help you learn using audio and visuals. Easy to get started and separated into playlists, perfect for all ages and levels. Paul speaks very fluid in Spanish and gets to practice every day in Mexico.
  • Maria Espanol – Spanish vocabulary sessions with Maria provide you with such fantastic insight. Regular videos make Maria’s video very easy to follow with simple to follow instructions and practice during the sessions. Maria also has a Verling’s account to get in touch when looking for language exchange sites.
  • Senor Jordan – A collection of videos provide an engaging way to learn Spanish. From learning using objects to using flashcards, Senor Jordan’s channel is perfect for all ages and levels. Senor Jordan gives all of his energy to his videos which make it even more interactive.
  • Professor Jason – Covering Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, Prof Jason provides a great collection of videos for conquering all the issues with tense and verbs. With whiteboard videos and a range of webcam videos, Jason explains all the concepts you’ll need to know in Spanish.

All of these channels will provide you with detailed videos on how to get started with your Spanish, as well as providing useful tips and resources to get moving with your Spanish. All of these learning resources will help to shape your Spanish. All of the channel creators also suggest some great cultural advice too that they’ve managed to acquire on their channels.

How to find more Spanish channels?

learn spanish on youtube

New Spanish teachers are popping up on YouTube every few months.

All of these videos provide strong content to help you start learning Spanish. So, it’s worth keeping a good eye out for new content that appears on YouTube. That’s the best way to keep updated with all of the great lessons from YouTube. To learn Spanish on YouTube, you don’t need any money, so you can jump in from day one.

Here’s a few advice and tips for keeping updated with Spanish teachers on YouTube: 

  • Switch notifications on – Notifications on YouTube can actually help to improve your chances of watching the latest content when it’s uploaded. Switch on notifications for the Spanish teacher that you’ve been enjoying, and you’ll start getting email messages for whenever they upload.
  • Search every month – Searching is an excellent way to keep posted. Although very manual, finding new Spanish teachers can provide you with a new way to learn new phrases and words as well as find out more about the culture from a new master. We recommend trying to keep updated on new Spanish teachers to expand your ways to learn Spanish.
  • Follow Spanish learners on Twitter – Twitter is one of the best locations to start meeting learners. The great thing about meeting learners is they help each other out. Resources and suggestions will be shared, including YouTube videos and content to help you move forward with your Spanish learning. Just make sure to reciprocate and share out a few videos every now and then to help support their learning.

How to get prepared to learn on YouTube

Preparing to learn on YouTube is easy.

You’ll need a handful of things in order to get started with learning Spanish on YouTube. They include the following:

  • Dedication – Sometimes all you need is the mindset, before watching each video you need to make sure you’re in the “learning mindset”. Things will sink into your brain a lot easier when you’re in this state of thinking. Dedication is also a huge factor when you’re learning things on YouTube, be persistent and keep updated with your Spanish.
  • A YouTube channel –  Saving bits of content on YouTube is very useful. Make an account and set-up your channel. You don’t need to post but this will allow you to save to playlists, like videos and comment to your favorite creators of Spanish videos.
  • Notebook – Always grab your notebook, learning by writing will help you with your Spanish by providing you with another medium of practice. Small tip, with huge payoffs.

All of these suggestions will hopefully support your learning from day to day. With YouTube being a great free resource, it’s a perfect opportunity to get the ball moving for your Spanish learning.

If you’ve managed to discover a YouTube channel that helps to develop your Spanish, do let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear! 

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