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Best movies to learn Spanish

10 of the Best Spanish Movies

Watching Spanish movies can be one of the best ways to start improving your Spanish in your weekly routine.
The range of vocabulary, grammar, and even fluency that Spanish movies present will give you a very good opportunity to start testing what Spanish you know and what Spanish you don’t know. Spanish movies provide you with an opportunity to understand Spanish culture and passion for film. There are many different genres of film that will provide you with all you need to pick up a few helpful phrases, lines and vocabulary.
Best spanish movies to watch
It is used regularly as a way to immerse yourself in a language. The Spanish language is one of the most popular languages out there, with over 400M native speakers worldwide, so there is plenty of popular blockbusters and movies that have been translated into Spanish. However, in today’s piece, we’ll be exploring the many Spanish movies that you can use to learn new phrases, vocabulary and language tips.
Using a movie to learn a language can be one of the most exciting ways to learn any new language. Spanish is no exception.

Things you can learn from Spanish Movies

Movies can provide many layers to a new language, some include accent skills and other provide more cultural understanding. Spanish movies give you the opportunity to understand and learn the following:
  • Vocabulary — Popular Spanish vocabulary can massively help when you are on holiday or even on a business trip. Knowing 30-40 phrases can be extremely helpful when you are ordering food, booking a hotel or even speaking to a local person in Spain.
  • Culture — Spanish movies will uncover some great cultural tips and practices. Whether it’s food, daily routines, or social situations, watching Spanish environments can help when you abroad and exploring Spain or the world of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Fluency — Getting to know the pace of a language can be valuable to speak with a native. Understanding the how fast the natives speak will help prepare you for learning phrases and vocabulary.
  • Accent — Like fluency, mimicking an accent can be very useful to making progress with a language. For Spanish, complimenting your Spanish phrases and vocabulary with an accent can be easy to do. Movies will help provide case studies for that learning, just remember to understand the location of the accent, so you don’t learn a dialect of Spanish, also remember Catalan Spanish too.

Learning a new language can take time, but using hacks like movies will help to reduce that time by giving yourself a new method to learn. Appriecating a country’s culture of movies is another way to really respect the

10 of the Best Spanish Movies

best spanish movies

  • Tres metros sobre el cielo – IMDB here. 

Three steps above heaven describe the story of love between two young people with a very different background. Think of it like the modern Romeo & Juliet which include bikes and lots more. Perfect for those romantic phrases.

  • Como agua para chocolate – IMDB here

This 1992 Spanish classic “Like Water for Chocolate” shares the tale of two lovers who are forbidden to get married. A story of love and heartbreak, this adventure is the Spanish version of the Notebook. Again, perfect for building the romantic phrases.

  • Diarios de motocicleta – IMDB here

The Motorcycle Diaries is a Spanish classic with an Oscar under its belt (best score). Gael Garcia Bernal plays Ernesto or Che for short on his adventures of youth before becoming the infamous Che Guevara.

  • Mar adentro – IMDB here

Mar Adentro or the “The Sea Inside” shares a tale of a 30-year battle for euthanasia. Winner of the best foreign movie at the Oscars of 2005, it sits as a classic, with actors like Javier Bardem at the helm.

  • El carro – IMDB here

The story about this car and a sweet Columbian family is a great insight into a Spanish comedy you’ll love. Well wroth a watch!

  • El hijo de la novia – IMDB here

Translated as “Son of the Bride” – this tale takes us into a crisis. Rafael Belvedere lives in the shadow of his father and many more things going on, this one follows Rafael’s efforts to reclaim his life from catastrophe. Friendship, love and redemption line the tale of this story.

  • Volver – IMDB here

Starring none other than Spanish all-star Penelope Cruz which earned her an Oscar for best actress in a leading role, Volver shares the tale of a spirit, returning to her hometown to fix situations that were unresolved. Moving and touching, this movie is a classic with a strong 7.8 on IMDB.

  • Broken Embraces – IMDB here

Another Penelope Cruz Classic, Los Abrazos Rotos scored her a Golden Globe for best foreign film on her resume. According to the reviews, this is well worth a watch and happens to be a classic thriller.

penelope cruz actor spanish

  • The Secret in Their Eyes – IMDB here

A legal counselor makes a novel in a mission to close unresolved cases in his previous work. Not all is as it seems. Winning the best Oscar for best foreign movie in 2010, this one deserves a watch if you enjoy thriller like movies.

  • El laberinto del fauno – IMDB here
Everyone must know this one. Pan’s Labyrinth is the name this goes by, in the US and UK. This 2006 horror directed by none other than Guillermo Del Toro tells the tale of the end of the war and a daughter of an officer who steps into a fantasy world.

How to Get Started!

spanish movies get started

  • Netflix — Netflix are constantly adding new movies, many of those are Spanish speaking films that can provide huge value. Make sure you take advantage of all of those movies on Netflix that have Spanish-speaking natives. Make the most from your subscription!
  • World Cinema — Your local movie store should have a “World Cinema” section. World Cinema will provide you with a range of films including other languages too. There’s value in providing
  • Schedule a night  — Setting aside one night a week would provide you with a night per week to learn some Spanish from your
  • Movie buddy — A great idea is to get a movie buddy. Learning Spanish with a friend can be a great way to progress with Spanish as you can set yourself goals and challenges and provide even more depth with your understanding of the movie.
If you enjoy any specific Spanish movies, let us know what they are, everyone would love to discover a few more Spanish movies to add to their lists.

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