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10 Learn French Songs To Improve Your Speaking

Learning French is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

There are hundreds of thousands of resources out there that people are using every day to help them learn. One of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to learn French isn’t what you’d expect. Music. Learning through songs is becoming more and more popular as many people have found the passive benefits of picking up words, phrases, and accents through this method of learning.

French media can really help to grow your insights into everything that the French language can offer. In this feature, we’ve put together a few of the great French songs from the last 20 years to help get your French language skills up to scratch and to test your ability to keep up with the beat.

Why does music help?

learning french songs

The French language can be very hard to pick up. One of the best ways of learning a language is through immersion, the reason many people endorse learning French through music is thanks to the fluency and accents involved in their singing. Lyrical music can be catchy and inspire you to learn the phrases and words behind the music.

Going back to cultural immersion, this is something many people enjoy doing. Being immersed in the sounds, location and people of a culture can have an infectious impact on your French language learning. This level of inspiration can keep you motivated towards your French language learning. But why can music help improve the speak of which you learn French? Learning French music and songs doesn’t only help the immersion/cultural side of things but helps boost your memory. Learning the lyrics to the music and the melody will help to improve your speed of recognition of words in other methods of learning.

Many people don’t recommend to use music on its own as a strategy, but to combine it with 5 to 10 other methods of learning French to help support a healthy ecosystem of learning for you. Let’s share a few great French songs that will inspire you when it comes to picking up some French. Here are our recommendations:

10 French Songs

french singers to listen to

  1. Pink Martini – Sympathique – listen here.

  2. Vitaa – Ma Souer – listen here.

  3. Trankillement – Fatal Bozooka – listen here.

  4. Kyo – Il Est Temps – listen here.

  5. Aladdin – Prince Ali – listen here

  6. Indila – Derniere danse – listen here.

  7. Garou, Celine Dion – Sous le vent – listen here.

  8. Carla Bruni – J’Arrive a Toi – listen here.

  9. Stromae – Papoutai – listen here.

  10. Stromae – Formidable – listen here.

All of these selections have been made across all genres to help you get a feel for the range of music that France offers. As you can imagine don’t judge this selection of music as the go-to playlist. Speak with natives, interact with them over music and build this list out a little further to help boost your knowledge of French music and grow your language skills.

For the young ones

We recommend for the young ones to try something a little lighter like the Aladdin recommendation. Disney has most of its movies translated into over 10 languages at least, so you should be able to get most of your popular Disney or Pixar movies translated into French. The musicals are one of the best ways to get them interested in French, as they can relate to the words and phrases.

teaching young people french

For adults too, watching French movies can be a good way to build up a rapport with French music. Helping to build a connection the music will help with your ease of listening, try watching some of the music videos on YouTube to relate it to the music you currently listen to. All of this will help to concrete the music into your routine.

How to get started!

Hopefully, those French songs are great for you to get started. A huge tip from us would be to speak with French natives if you get the chance, share your taste of French songs and get them to add to this growing list. The more French songs you have the better, the greater the difference in genre, the better. You are probably curious how you’ll get hold of this type of music? Will you have to find different sites to access international music?

Lucky not. You can get access to all of the music via sites like YouTube or even Spotify. Whatever resource you use, simply search for the song you wanted. If you can’t seem to find it, maybe try the artist page and finding it through their singles/albums. Create a new playlist of “French Music” alongside your other tracks to help build up a regular routine of learning the language.

Once you know a few phrases you’ll be understanding a lot more phrases than you’d think. Picking out vocabulary and sentences that you didn’t think you’d understand so easily with music.

Let us know what French songs you’ve listened to improve your French language, we’d love to hear. Use the comments below to put up your suggestions. Any recommendations will be very beneficial to the French learners out there, looking to immerse themselves in French culture. 

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